Brief History of New Testament Church 
New Testament Church is a non-denominational church, that believes in the virgin birth death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. New Testament Church was founded by Pastor Deborah Eadie in 1997. Bishop Houston Miles, the founder of Evangel Fellowship International, provides a spiritual covering to Pastor Eadie.


Core Values:

We value character over ministry. A godly life is essential for ministry.
•We value spiritual covering. Every pastor should have a pastor to whom she/he is accountable.
•We value long term commitments to ministry, the longer the stay, the greater the impact on an area.
•We value life-giving relationships.
•We value integrity.
•We value strong marriages.
•We value excellence.


Church Ministries:

  • Children’s Church
  • Youth Ministry
  • Spiritual Dance Ministry
  • Outreach/Street Ministry
  • Praise Team
  • Life Changing Ministry
  • Naomi's Heart Ministry
  • Couples Ministry